Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Top 10 Songs Through June, 2006: Why Not?

I'm not ready to start picking my favorite albums just yet but now seems like as good a time as any to look into my favorite songs of the year. I couldn't bring myself to choose any songs from Editors or Arctic Monkeys only because I've been listening to that music for over a year. Honorable mention also goes to La Rocca's Sing Song Sung, Sound Team's Your Eye's Are Liars, White Whale's The Admiral, The Little Ones' Lovers Who Uncover, Island's Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone, and RHCP's Wet Sand. Without further adieu, here's my first crack at it:

10. TV on the Radio - "Wolf Like Me" - Posted about this song (including a live version) here. I can't wait to get the album version of this song in my hands.

9. Tunng - "Tale from Black" (mp3) - I don't really like a lot of their other stuff but I LOVE this song. This folktronica concept is really working here.

8. Muse - "Assassin" - I could have chosen a couple other songs from this album but I love the fierceness that the band brings on this one. Can't wait to hear it live. The more I listen to this album, the more I feel that it stands up to any of their past work.

7. The Strokes - "Vision of Division" (mp3) - The handful of solid songs on this album get lost in the far-too-long 14-song track list but this is one really stands out for me. You can feel the angst in Julian's voice on this one and it sounds great live.

6. Hot Chip - "No Fit State" (mp3) - I was wrestling with "Over and Over" and "Boy from School" with this one but this is the song that I'm listening to the most on The Warning. I love that there is a complete change in direction around the 2:50 mark and then again at 4:30 and they pull it off masterfully.

5. Pearl Jam - Unemployable - I could have chosen almost any song off of the new PJ album but for the moment, this one is my favorite. Great lyrics, great chorus, great everything.

4. Wolfmother - "Colossal" (mp3) - "Mind's Eye" was the first Wolfmother song that I heard last year but I when I found a stream of the UK version of the album, this was the first track. After listening to this one, I knew these guys could be huge.

3. Band of Horses - "The Funeral" (mp3) - What hasn't been said about this song?

2. Tool - "Vicarious" (mp3) - The first song we all heard from the new album, 10,000 Days. This one floored me.

1. Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye" (mp3) - I love the rhythm of this song and as a whole it just gives me a nostalgic feeling of the great guitar songs of the 90s. The growl in Brian Aubert's voice at the 2:40 mark gets the blood flowing.

UPDATE 7/27: I've since made some changes. Hot Chip and Pearl Jam are out. Midlake's "Young Bride" and Tokyo Police Club's "Nature of the Experiment" are in. "Map of the Problematique" replaces "Assassin" for my favorite Muse track.

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