Monday, June 26, 2006

News from Beck on album, cover art

Beck has revealed some details on his new album. A couple things of note, first being that most of the tracks (produced by Nigel Goodrich) will be mostly hip-hop. Here is the part that I find the most intriguing:

"It's really pretty amazing. The artwork is laid out in stickers, it's modular, the cover is blank and you get a sheet of stickers and you make your own cover."

I love when a band - or in this case, a person - goes the extra mile with the cover art. If you want people to still buy cds, then present consumers with the notion that you've put some thought and effort into the artwork because it is, in many ways, art. Tool is a perfect example, the artwork for 10,000 Days is the craziest that I've ever seen. It creates a compelling argument for people deciding on downloading it online (legally or illegally) or spending an extra couple bucks to buy the disc.

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