Saturday, July 15, 2006

Road Warriors

I just talked to Top and he is at Metro in Chicago waiting for The Bronx to come on stage (he described the venue as identical to 9:30 Club except that the main floor space is cut in half) accompanied by none other than our Vice President of Blog Operations, Dr. Thomas Beckett, MD, Esquire. They caught Mets/Cubbies at Wrigs today and the good news is that the Cubs won, the bad news is that fucking Bud Light replaced the Old Style out in the bleachers. Bullshit. As if their season wasn't bad enough. On another note, I once won a wiffle ball home run hitting contest with some strangers two blocks from Wrigley. Chicago is fucking smashtastic. Top will be back tomorrow night and he promised me he was getting documentation of all that he and Dr. Beckett encountered.

After texting JK to let him know that Schills is pitching a "fackin' gem right now" I got him on the horn and he is fresh off a 1-1 go at beer pong with his fiancee and having a blast in his NYC 'hood. He said he was glad to have me back in the mix, but that Wilderness needed to peace the fuck out of my Top Ten. Bullshit. I told him that there is a reason why I love The Mars Volta and he loves Sparta. The same reason is why I dig a crew like Wilderness and he doesn't.

At this point what better track is there, than a NY (or Irish, depending on how you look at it) band singing about Chicago (and believe me, I realize Southside Chicago people are Black Sox fans, so save that correction for latah)? I can't wait until Black '47 comes through again. It is always good to talk to Larry completely fucking blasted at the end of his shows.

MP3: Black '47 - "Southside Chicago Waltz"


callmemickey said...

black 47 are new york legends.. nice song pick

InMyTree said...

I have probably seen them more than any other band. Between Connoly's while I was in college, Irish festivals every summer and then twice in the DC area, it is hard for me to think of a band I have seen more.