Friday, July 28, 2006

Editors @ 9:30 Club, July 28th

Once Editors make an album that accurately portray how powerful and boundless their music is, there will be no stopping them. There isn't much standing in their way as it is, The Back Room is a respectable album doing fairly well here and at home, and the 9:30 Club was packed last night. That wasn't the case in March when they played a twin bill with stellastar*. The first time around allowed some great photo opportunities, but our late appearance last night relegated us to the balcony (which, I guess is where the 6'6" people belong, according to some).

A few months between DC visits and Editors are packing the 9:30 Club on their own. We didn't catch Cedars or Lake Trout, the opening acts, but timed it perfectly and ended up getting to the 9:30 Club about 5 minutes before Editors came out. It definitely sounded heavier this time around. Deeper and more intense. After their show in March I was privy to one or two songs at Coachella as I waited for Madonna to come out (and flop). They are getting better as the days go by and Top and I both left impressed. Many of the songs assumed a longer, harder role and you could tell that the boys were brimming with confidence. "Camera" appeared to be the strongest track for me and I am still terribly impressed with their drummer.

The setlist probably wasn't much different from the March performance, things might have been rearranged a little, but we heard all of the album tracks along with some new stuff. On the way out I told Top how I felt that these guys were a hit single away from some intense recognition, but I guess we could say that about a lot of bands. At any rate, Editors continue to impress, and the big things I expected in March are bigger now.

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