Monday, April 16, 2007

Arcade Fire & The National Conduct Not-So-Secret Meetings In Select Cities Or How I Came To Discover Win Butler Was a Cormac McCarthy Fan

[The National: Official Site]

From Arcade Fire's Official Site:


Just wanted to let you all know that the surjery (sic) was successful, and I am recovering nicely. Thank you for all of your thoughts and emails...

I will probably start singing again this week some time to try and get ready for the shows in North America.

It has been a blessing in disguise to be forced to stay home and read, and sleep (pick up Cormac Mcarthy's [sic] "The Road" if you are feeling like a little post apocalypse...don't let the Oprah Book Club Sticker scare you away)...Regine and I have even started working on some new songs...

anyway see you all soon

Let me get this straight. You throw down ridiculous live performances. Put out monster albums. Land a monster opening act (The National) for your NYC, DC and PA shows. Mock Oprah's Book Club. And dig on Cormac McCarthy? I'm with you, Arcade Fire. My ears will always be open.

I haven't cracked into The Road yet (I'm waiting for it to go paperback status), but No Country For Old Men was a damn good read.

MP3: The National - "Secret Meeting" (Remix)


vh said...

The Road is out in paperback. I'll trade you my copy for your Arcade Fire ticket.

InMyTree said...

Naga, naga, not gonna happen. You should have hit me up earlier, Top just sold his on Craigslist. He had two and couldn't make it.