Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trackmarks: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sealings"

For some reason I don't picture the webbed crusader here (the track is featured on the new Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack). The vision in my head is a bank robbery. Karen O at the wheel. Pulling away. Cops are finally getting off the floor. Sound the alarm. Zinner's in the backseat muting strings between careening off course with laser-like rips on the high notes. She checks the rearviewmirror, Brian Chase is next to Zinner pounding drumsticks on Karen's seat back. There's a baby riding shotgun. She's sleeping through the entire affair. What the song lacks lyrically from O we make up with Zinner's frenetic approach to melody. Anthemic, but at the same time unpredictable. Karen O blazes off with enough cash to lay low and plan the next heist, because settling down for the "normal life" just isn't in the cards for her and the little one.

MP3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sealings"

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