Thursday, April 19, 2007

TV On The Radio Last Night

TV On The Radio on Jimmy Kimmel Live

It started like this. I was texting JK with the setlist and then I lost my grip. Lost control. And couldn't stop dancing. The first eight tracks were...

"Young Liars"
"Wrong Way"
"Wolf Like Me"
"I Was a Lover"
"Dirty Whirl"
"Blues From Down Here"

Closed with "A Method". Encore was "Staring at the Sun". Anyone have a more complete setlist? "Let the Devil In" was in there somewhere, as was "King Eternal"...maybe? Someone help me out. "Wash the Day Away" was definitely in there.

Pics and a better recap to follow.


Anonymous said...

they also did staring at the sun as an encore when i saw them last month. what a way to end the show.

Hops said...

ah, didnt realize you were at both shows. Setlist is here: