Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Getting Nostalgiac via Rough Trade

From the Independent:

Stephen Godfroy, a director of Rough Trade music stores, said he could not confirm any specifics surrounding the opening of the new store, but said: "We are looking to make an official announcement in the next few weeks. Our aim is to deliver something we feel has been missing in this country for far too long - an environment that celebrates music as an exciting art form, not just another commercial commodity - but on a scale that is a departure from the traditional perception of an independent record shop.

"The music industry seems to have a lot of doom and gloom about it at the moment, despite people's passion for music being as strong as ever. We certainly hope to put some smiles back on faces with something that reflects the true public appetite for exciting new music."
At the end of the article they talk about rivaling the Amoeba store in San Francisco. It seems like yesterday I was in Amoeba picking up a copy of John Frusciante's To Record Only Water For Ten Days as I waited restlessly for Game 1 of the 2004 World Series and Day 2 of the Bridge School Benefit. Weekends don't get much better.

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