Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Apocalypse Now

I know. I know. I've talked about two things in the past two days. Cormac McCarthy and Queens of the Stone Age. But I really can't handle the sticker. I almost didn't believe Win Butler. I didn't want to. First Faulkner. Now McCarthy.

If you see me reading it, stop me and ask to see the cover. There will be a hole cut into my cover. You know what? Fuck that. I'm getting the hardcover. Used. I feel so impure.

Further investigation puts my jaw on the floor. On the floor. Cormac McCarthy, a television appearance. On Oprah. The man rarely does interviews. (One? The NY Times article?) And the last I read of him was in a brief Vanity Fair article that focused on his reclusiveness.

Fuck. After the episode with Dave Chappelle, I thought I was in the clear for eternity. Just when you think you are out they pull you back in. And the only way to get up to the minute info on when C-Mac will grace the airwaves...is to sign up for the Book Club. It's 10:44 AM. And I need a fucking cocktail.


Thomas Beckett said...

Yo...The Road is beast. Nothing like reading about the end of the world when you are surrounded by first-hand evidence of the possibilty. Buy the hardcover...it is slim, good pages and no Oprah scarring. Hit me up about Cloud Cult.
4 months down, 11 to go.


InMyTree said...

Bonnaroo!!! If coach is looking for me, I'll be hungover on the exercise bike. Haggadah.