Thursday, April 26, 2007

TV On The Radio - Live @ Amoeba Music

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After "the interview". After the introduction to LA nightlife. After the time change had worn off. After completing The Road but while it still lingered, still dominated my thoughts. After all of that I wandered into Amoeba Music in Hollywood. I passed it unintentionally, cruising Sunset Boulevard, looking. Watching. Staring. Wondering. The radio was on 107.9. iPod FM.

Then the big sign. Mecca. Amoeba Music rising from the slowly deteriorating cityscape surrounding Sunset. I rolled in on a mission: The Mars Volta - singles; Pearl Jam - rarities; indie goodness of any form; Boris - Akuma No Uta and TV On The Radio's Live at Amoeba Music.

Four tracks. All of them delicious in their own TVotR way. You can grab this beast online...and I highly recommend it. I guess that goes without saying. Every post is a recommendation in its own little way. "From the, ma..."

MP3: TV On The Radio - "Blues From Down Here" (Live @ Amoeba Music)

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