Monday, April 30, 2007

Rage Against the Machine @ Coachella

We weren't there.

01. "Testify"
02. "Bulls On Parade"
03. "People Of The Sun"
04. "Bombtrack"
05. "Bullet In The Head"
06. "Down Rodeo"
07. "Guerrilla Radio"
08. "Renegades Of Funk"
09. "Calm Like A Bomb"
10. "Sleep Now In The Fire"
11. "Wake Up"
12. "Freedom"
13. "Killing In The Name"


c8r9x said...

i can read my shitty review at:

Anonymous said...

Check out this video of Rage performing at Coachella, it's only 3 songs but it's the best of the videos I've seen so far.