Sunday, April 15, 2007

Exit Clov @ Black Cat, 4.11.07

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Without Cloud Cult, I don't know if I would have caught up to Exit Clov anytime soon. My days in DC are numbered and with that the thrift that often accompanies big moves and life changes is in full swing. I'm only catching shows that provoke the "without a doubt must go" attitude: Arcade Fire, Cloud Cult, The National, TV On The Radio, etc. Trying to save a quarter. Exit Clov kind of came out of left field. Initially they were headlining, then it changed and as it worked out we got there right when they were kicking it off. You can't attend one of their shows and not feel the talent oozing off of the stage. The instrumentation is beyond reproach and the songs are top-notch political pop. Violins, keyboards, and expert guitar work all play their part in a genre bending fusion that can stop and start on a dime or flow softly in between your ears.

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MP3: Exit Clov - "MK Ultra"
MP3: Exit Clov - "Ritchie Valens" (Live)
MP3: Exit Clov - "Working Class Hero"

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