Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cloud Cult @ Black Cat, Tonight

[Photo Credit: Official Site]

There are few bands I like more than Cloud Cult. Anxious isn't the word. Bordering on insanity is closer to the truth.

From Black Cat:

Cloud Cult is a pop group from Minnesota, whose hardwork, independent releases, and varied, emotional music has helped to win them legions of fans. The band, established as a not-for-profit, is centered around an environmental and philosophical movement, and these days Cloud Cult and their record label Earthology Records, are providing music lovers across the U.S. with some of the most intelligent and earth-friendly music on the market today. Beyond all of that, alternative fans just plain love the music.

Joining them will be Exit Clov, a five-piece from right here in Washington, DC. Described as everything from "darkly melodic acid-pop" to "kaleidoscopic pop noir," they've got the punk ethos of Blondie, the political edge of Metric, the pure pop sensibilities of indie darlings Stars, and the playfulness of Shonen Knife. Which is to say, the band has a broad appeal that transcends ordinary music genres.
At one point Exit Clov had the headlining spot, but I just noticed that it changed. It may mean something. It may mean nothing. I will give you the word when the word is out.

The Meaning of 8, my favorite album of the year thus far, dropped yesterday. Pitchfork hasn't put it's greasy paws on it last week (6.9) and PopMatters gave it a 7:
The Meaning of 8 is, in all, another successful outing for Cloud Cult. And for those unfamiliar with the band’s organic experimentation, this is as good an entry point as any. Take a listen to "The Deaf Girl Song" or "Chemicals Collide", and invest in a new, eminently worthy musical interest.
$10 mainstage 9:00 | Tickets

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