Monday, April 09, 2007

The Weekend

Hope everyone had a good Easter, end-of-Passover, etc. The lady and I took Friday off and spent the long weekend at home with the folks outside of Charlottesville, VA. Thought I'd throw out a few music-related thoughts:

  • We flew in and out of DC and of course, I forgot to bring any cds for the rental. Every time I go back home, I'm shocked by how bad DC101 is. Seriously, what is going on with the music on that station? Just shit after shit songs ranging from 3-15 years old. When they played a current song, it was the new Linkin Park. Imagine my joy when I heard that DC101 is streaming online! That's awesome guys, well done.
  • Huge sigh of relief once I finally reached commercial-free WNRN territory and was greeted with Muse's "Starlight." They seem to be playing more emo than I can remember but still, such a huge improvement because they actually play music from Arcade Fire, SSPU, TV on the Radio, Cinematics, etc. One step up from that, my mom is signed on with Siruis Satellite and I got some good time in with the Alt Nation station. I think if I owned a car and spent a lot of time in it, satellite radio would definitely be a good thing. Solid listening.
  • I make a point each time I'm home to spend some quality time at Plan 9, my favorite local indie record store in c-ville. I actually made it to both locations this time around and picked up a couple used albums - TV on the Radio's "New Health Rock" single and Sebadoh's Bakesale. I'm just now getting into Sebadoh and I like what I'm hearing so far (limited to Bakesale and Harmacy at the moment). I also picked up a couple Pearl Jam purchases which, I'm ashamed to admit as a PJ fanatic, I didn't know existed. Eddie Vedder and the Walmer High School Choir and Live at Easy Street. The latter of which features some solid covers from The Avengers, Dead Kennedys and X [more]. I have no idea how I missed this Molo Care album. It was released as a ten club-only album and then distributed to indie record stores. Even with just the 3 PJ songs (there's a good review here), it's for a great cause and I'm glad I bought it. "Betterman" did show up on the 2004 Christmas single, which I have but never listened to because it's on vinyl. MP3 below.
MP3: Eddie Vedder w/ the Walmer H.S. Choir - "Betterman"

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