Friday, February 16, 2007

Arcade Fire, Judson Memorial Church 2/15

This morning, I woke up well before my alarm was set to go off and that perma-grin was still on my face. I couldn't fall back asleep and I couldn't get the songs out of my head.

I had read many comments on the BV comment threads regarding poor crowds at the last two shows. Given all of the new material, that was absolutely not the case last night and the band completely fed off of it. Really, anyone who feels differently, send me an email because I would like to discuss. It was an amazing show, far exceeding my already high expectations. One of my favorite live experiences from, what is becoming clear to me now after hearing the new songs performed, the finest band to form this decade (this, I suppose, is debatable). The night capped off with the band walking with their instruments off the stage and into the crowd to the exact spot where I was standing to form a circle and perform "Wake Up." I'm pretty sure even Lou Reed was impressed.

Setlist (8:55 - 10:15):
"Black Mirror"
"Keep the Car Running"
"Antichrist Television Blues"
"No Cars Go"
"Black Wave/Bad Vibrations"
"My Body is a Cage"
"The Well and the Lighthouse"
"Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)"
"Rebellion (Lies)"
"Neon Bible"
"Wake Up"

UPDATE: I forgot to include "Keep the Car Running" - one of my favorites on the new album.


InMyTree said...

Beast. The D.A.R. show can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but must have been standing right next to you in the crowd - I can confirm, it was AWESOME. Thanks for posting the set list. I did think they had some terrible sound system problems though, especially in the first half of the set.

JK said...

dude, next time say hi. no problem on the setlist. the sound wasn't that great but i knew not to expect it to be great. so, i guess, i didn't really mind it.

Greg said...

Hey there. Thanks for the setlist. The show was amazing last night. The crowd could have been more into it, but they certainly weren't just standing there. I'm fine with it. Hey I was dancing! The Bible stuff sounds great live, but I must admit, Power Out was quite jarring and lively. Highlight of the show for me.

Anonymous said...

Close your eyes. Imagine your'e in church (or insert your favorite house of worship here). Now listen.

Anonymous said...

it was awesome

got some videos over at

Alan said...

This show was fantastic! I waited nearly 3 hours out in the cold to be one of the lucky few to get one of the released tickets at the door and boy was it worth it!! Def thought the show had some sound issues but it seems we got the best show of the first 3 nights from what I've heard. Highlight of the show was the brilliant rendition of 'Haiti', my favorite off of Funeral. Régine Chassagne's voice just soars!!!