Friday, February 09, 2007

At last. The 20.

Via Frat, because I couldn't locate the magazine during my lunch break. In no particular order. Because that is the way that David Fricke did it. And I love him for that. This list is Metro D approved. At least from my half. Without further adieu, the Top Twenty New Guitar Gods...

Tom Morello

John Mayer

Derek Trucks

John Frusciante

Luther Dickinson

Nels Cline

Warren Haynes

Jim James & Carl Broemel

Adam Jones

Kaki King

Mike McCready & Stone Gossard (are those the guys in Pearl Jam?)

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (and my subscription is saved)

Ed O'Brien & Johnny Greenwood

Chuck Garvey & Al Schnier

Matt Pike

Jack White


JK said...

can't really argue with many of these picks. nice to see Stone and McCready get some recognition although I think most would agree that Mike is more deserving. Adam Jones is consistently great. can't say that i'm familiar with matt pike or kaki king.

frat said...

if i am allowed one complaint (though i was still pleasantly suprised overall) i would say that i wanted to see nick zinner up there.

InMyTree said...

My introduction to Matt Pike was today and it included, but was not limited to, goosebumps, headbanging and the verge of tears. This list - this article - was worthwhile for that fact alone.

InMyTree said...

Woulda been great to see Wata (Boris) or Nick Zinner up there. Agreed. There is still a part of me that believes Ben Harper is just as good as some of these guys. But, I bet we could find another 20 just as solid. An interesting sidebar: Jones and Morello were in the same high school band (Electric Sheep). It wasn't my high school. But, it was someone's. Out in Illinois or something. And that's a pretty badass variety show if you ask me. Even if they played Ramones covers and had a terrible frontman.

Anonymous said...

John Mayer should be removed from that list. His song, Waiting on the World to Change", is a blatant rip off of Curtis Mayfield's 1964 hit song "People Get Ready."