Sunday, February 18, 2007

Overheard @ 9:30 Club Last Night

In reference to DC's new non-smoking policy in bars and clubs:
"This place is weird without the big cloud of smoke hanging in the air."
Crowdmember: "Play the first song!"
Converge frontman: "We did play the first song. It was the first song."
Crowdmember: "Play the fourth song."
Converge frontman: "We played the fourth song, too. We played 8 or 9 songs. I don't know...I can't count, I went to fucking art school."
The last song to play before Mastodon took the stage was The Mars Volta's "Tetragrammaton". Some knucklehead next to me to his knucklehead friend (these kids were like 16, 17 tops):

K #1: "Is this off Amputechture?"
K #2: "Yeah, fuck The Mars Volta."
K #1: "Is this fucking "Tetragrammaton"? Uggh."
Kids these days. At least they had the sense to be catching Mastodon. Maybe they weren't up to speed on the fact that two members of The Mars Volta helped out on tracks on Blood Mountain. Or maybe they truly hate The Mars Volta. At any rate, "Tetragrammaton" had me in prime shape for Mastodon.

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