Friday, February 16, 2007

Chris Cornell Announces Departure from Audioslave

Audioslave - "Show Me How To Live"
[Rolling Stone Interview w. Chris Cornell]

I'm really excited about this for several reasons:

1. I am pretty excited to hear some Chris Cornell solo work, which is the direction he seems to be headed.

2. I am not going to Coachella this year so I will miss the Rage Against the Machine reunion. But, with Audioslave broken up perhaps there is a chance for a full blown Rage Against the Machine tour. Perhaps.

3. Audioslave had run its course. I remember watching the "Cochise" video for the first time. It sounded and felt great. It was exciting - a supergroup with a bona fide superstar frontman, with one of the great guitarists of all time. It came at a point where there was somewhat of a lull in quality, mainstream hard rock. But, the last two albums lost me. In the end, or at least, at this point, I think the creative possibilities of the two factions (ex-Ragers v. Cornell) that made Audioslave, are far greater apart than they are together.


JK said...

agreed. this was the right move. that last album lacked all of the punch found in their first two.

kind of crazy that coachella already sold out, no?

InMyTree said...

Not that crazy when Rage is reuniting. Coachella has a better bill than Bonnaroo, I think. Arcade Fire up in there, Interpol probably throwing down on some new songs. I don't know...

JK said...

I think it's a pretty even split with Coachella and Bonnaroo. Pearl Jam would have put the latter over the edge but Tool (although Bonnaroo die hards would probably disagree) is a great substitute. Rage live is pretty tight but I don't remember any connection at all with the audience. Maybe this will be different based on the setting. With the Police, those Bonnaroo tickets probably won't last into next week.

InMyTree said...

'Roo goes on sale next Friday.