Thursday, February 01, 2007

Red Hot Chili Peppers @ John Paul Jones Arena, 1.26.07, Another Missed Opportunity

I wasn't at this show, but someone posted a comment in an earlier post wondering if we had the setlist. I just came across it.

Holy. Shit.

We (Frat, Top and I) have been dying for "Readymade" live and there it was...the night after we caught them. This is a pretty tight set, I can only imagine hearing "Readymade" morph into "Parallel Universe". John doing Syd would have blown my fucking mind.

Watch videos of some of this madness here. And if you want to watch the entire set that we caught at Albany...well, go for it. This site is ridiculous.

"Can't Stop"
"Dani California"
"Parallel Universe"
John Solo "Maybe" (The Chantels)
"Snow (Hey Oh)"
John Solo "Jugband Blues" (Syd Barret)
"Get on Top"
"Sir Psycho Sexy"
"They're Red Hot"
"C'mon Girl"
"Me & My Friends"
"Strip My Mind"
"What Is Soul?"
"By the Way"

"Under the Bridge"
"Give It Away"
Outro Jam

UPDATE #234,712: Just found the version of "Wet Sand" that we caught at Albany. Not as good as hearing it live, but solid. What a fucking track. The solo at the end is ridiculous.

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JK said...

Stepping it up for Charlottesville. that's what i like to see!