Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mastodon @ 9:30 Club, 02.17.07

As 9:30 Club excellence goes, nestled somewhere behind Ben Harper's 3.5 hour epic and somewhere in front of everything else, lies the show I just witnessed. Mastodon exceeded all of my expectations. Fucking phenomenal.

They haven't changed the setlist up much during the tour, and I just pulled this off the forum. Let me know if it is jacked up - I don't know a lot of their songs by name. I am trying to replay all of them and remember where and when, but for the most part, this looks good.


"This Mortal Soil"
"The Wolf Is Loose"
"Crystal Skull"
"Capillarian Crest"
"I Am Ahab"
"Sleeping Giant"
"Circle Of Cysquatch"
"Iron Tusk"
"March Of The Fire Ants"
"Where Strides The Behemoth"
"Mother Puncher"
"Aqua Dementia"
"Colony Of Birchmen"
"Blood And Thunder"
"Hearts Alive"

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