Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On the T.V.

So what's the verdict on The Black Donnelly's? I gave it a chance last night and thought the debut episode was pretty good. This spring is the final season of The Sopranos so maybe it's time for network tv to give this genre another shot. Shit, it is Paul Haggis after all; the dude is a proven commodity. Starting the show off with almost 30 commercial free minutes was refreshing but playing Snow Patrol's "Open Your Eyes" during the show's pivotal moment seemed a bit lazy (although it is my favorite song on that album). I wouldn't be surprised if the time slot changed either because I hardly think this is a show that NBC wants to compete with Monday Night Football.

Last night, I finally saw the Major League Baseball 2K7 commercial that, as Pitchfork reported last Friday, is set to Nirvana's "Breed". I remember being slightly indifferent about this when I read the article but after seeing the commercial, it didn't sit well. Like or dislike Nirvana, I think most would agree that the way, and the manner in which, this has transpired is wrong for so many reasons. I will say, however, that 2K Sports did manage to put together a very solid soundtrack that, in addition to Nirvana, includes Editors, Tapes 'n Tapes, The Thermals, The Walkmen, Death From Above 1979, Wolfmother, and others.

The soundtrack is streaming here.

Last thing, Pearl Jam's insanely great cover of "Love Reign O'er Me" is up on their MySpace page if you want to hear a better version than the MP3 we previously posted.


Joe said...

Black Donnely's was alright. It was originally supposed to be Arcade Fire's "Rebellion" instead of Snow Patrol, but I guess Arcade Fire pulled it out or something.

JK said...

really? where did you hear that it was supposed to be Rebellion (Lies)?

Joe said...


JK said...

good shit, thanks. threw another post up.