Monday, February 12, 2007

Guns of Brixton

There is a new video on the Neon Bible web site of The Arcade Fire performing the Clash cover, "Guns of Brixton." This was taken from their 1/31 show at St. John's Church in Westminster (London). You need to wait until the song starts to see anything but once there, it's pretty bad ass.

The countdown is on, I'm 3 nights away from the 2/15 show in NYC. I'm also starting to get into the album now. There was some initial disappointment after my first listen but I'm loving it right now. "Keep The Car Running" is an awesome song. With this album, Cloud Cult, 22 songs of Bloc Party, and the Klaxons, I've got a ton of new music swirling around in my head. No complaints.

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