Monday, February 26, 2007

Glimpse New Tunes from The Bravery

Remember the Bravery? Seems like just yesterday (actually, it was almost two years ago) that New York Mag called them "New York's next really big thing." This could have very well been the last nice thing said about these guys. I'm not joining the shitstorm of blogger hate (it's dormant now but sure to return near the album release) but I'll admit to being bitter. "An Honest Mistake" and "Unconditional" were such incredibly great pop songs, how could the album fail? But it did - and InMyTree is entitled to disagree with me on this - I thought the album was a major disappointment. I'm an equal opportunity blogger and now, they're back with a slightly different sound and samples of 3 new songs on their site. So, I'll leave the door open a crack and we'll see if these dudes have some more good music in them.

Listen at

The Sun and the Moon will be released on 5/22. More here.

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Joe said...

I couldn't stand the Bravery anymore once I heard "Honest Mistake" 3,456 times while playing MVP Baseball 2005.