Friday, February 09, 2007

Bloc Party; Seriously, Amp Camp

Most of us have been listening to A Weekend in the City since November but that doesn't mean that I don't want to get my cd delivered on time. I pre-ordered the album almost 4 weeks ago and I still haven't received it in the mail. What's the point of pre-ordering an album if I won't get it on time? I also picked up Peter Bjorn and John in the same order and THAT arrived yesterday. Are they out of AWitC? Mind you, these guys are based in NYC. I want to like Amp Camp, their prices and shipping rates are great but I've come to expect more after the demise of Tower (which had locations blocks from my office and my apt.)

On the subject of Bloc Party, I'm loving all of the buzz around the b-sides currently floating around the internet. It was obviously planned by the band since they've chosen different b-sides for various special editions and retail outlets. The greatest part about this is that there are 11 fucking songs to go around. This scavenger hunt, as it's been called, for Another Weekend in the City (coined by IGIF?) is a great way for the band to remain relevant for the release of their album. What a concept...

Saying these 11 songs are better than the 11 on the album is crazy talk but as with most of their b-sides, I'm definitely enjoying them. "Secrets" is one of my favorites and admittedly would have been a nice replacement over "Sunday" or "SRXT."

MP3: Bloc Party - "Secrets"

Here is the full tracklisting (according to Wikipedia):

1. "We Were Lovers" (Japanese Edition)
2. "England" (Japanese Edition)
3. "Cain Said To Abel" - 3:24 (iTunes US only)
4. "Atonement" (iTunes US pre-order only)
5. "I Still Remember [Video]" (iTunes download only)
6. "The Prayer (Does it Offend You, Yeah? remix)" (iTunes UK only)
7. "Version 2.0" - 3:19 (Best Buy version only)
8. "Emma Kate's Accident" - 5:38 (Best Buy version only)
9. "Secrets" (Canadian version & Target version only)
10. "The Once And Future King" (Canadian version & Target version only)
11. "Rhododendron" (eMusic US only)
12. "Selfish Son" (Napster and Rhapsody)
13. "Vision Of Heaven" (Free Purevolume exclusive)


InMyTree said...

Fuck the Bloc Party album, I ordered Rainbow by Boris and Michio about 20 tetragrammatons ago...and nothing. I'm thirsty. I need my Wata.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Over Sunday or SRXT?

JK said...

yeah, i'm ok with Sunday but mysically, i'm not much of a fan of SRXT although it's very strong lyrically. I'll take Secrets or We Were Lovers to add a bit more rock to the latter half of the album.

I Know You See It said...

Here's a mix of the two projects remastered.