Thursday, March 01, 2007

More from The Black Donnelly's

After my post on The Black Donnelly's on Tuesday, we got a comment from Joe - who runs the solid blog Headless Ponch - regarding an alternate choice of song during the show's pivotal scene. The intention, we've learned, was Arcade Fire's "Rebellion (Lies)". Stereogum private eyes confirmed Joe's comments with two posts of their own (the idea of which, I'm guessing they aped from someone else as they're apt to do without credit). Regardless, their blog clout has enabled them to uncover an interesting backstory regarding Haggis' willingness to take "No" for an answer from Acrade Fire. The version that aired, of course, was Snow Patrol's "Open Your Eyes" and even though I am finding this band more and more irritating, the song kind of works. But after seeing the Pilot version with "Rebellion (Lies)" Haggis' vision becomes that much clearer.

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