Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Iggy & the Stooges @ 9:30 Club

Tickets for this show went from on-sale to sold out in a heartbeat at some point last week. I didn't get the e-mail in time, and, to be honest, don't know if I would have hopped into the feeding frenzy to begin with. Regardless, the prices on eBay have dropped slightly (about $5 to $10) and you can now get down for about $80, plus outrageous shipping. Over at StubHub they are $75 before shipping.

Options: [eBay | Craigslist | StubHub]

On a related note, I had to run home from work yesterday and pick up something I forgot. On the way out the door I left my iPod blasting Rainbow in my office. Sans iPod and in need of constant stimulation, I turned the dial to DC101 just to see what Elliott was up to. They were doing this thing where they have three sets of different tickets and the first person to call gets first dibs, so on. So forth. The first guy calls in, hears "Iggy & the Stooges" and goes "I don't even know who that is", so he obviously grabbed another set of tickets. The next kid, who probably thought he was getting "sloppy seconds" gets on with the "Is this me? Am I on?" and was completely ecstatic when the Iggy Pop tickets were still available. Good for him. I guess that radio thing isn't half bad.

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