Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mohawks, Not Fauxhawks

Because we mean fucking business.

That's right, the Boston Red Sox have a closer. And we didn't have to trade anyone. Or sign any dead weight for big bucks. And he did alright last year. OK, aside from the injury, he kicked ass. 35 saves, 75 Ks in 68 IP. Not bad for a rookie. The details via Gordon Edes at the Globe's Extra Bases:

Jonathan Papelbon and Terry Francona confirmed this afternoon that the club is abandoning the experiment to convert him to a starter and that he will continue as the team's closer.

Papelbon, despite his public declarations of embracing the role of starter, said he hasn't been able to sleep this spring because he wanted to close and finally told Francona of his desire on the field prior to Tuesday night's exhibition game.

"I walked into Tito's office and said, 'If you want to give me the ball in the ninth, I want it,'" Papelbon said today.

Papelbon confirmed the decision after this afternoon's game with Philadelphia.
The downside, because there is always a downside with the Sox, is what becomes of the rotation. Lester isn't ready, so, who will be the fifth starter? Because Julian Tavarez in the five-hole makes me want to punch the wall.

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