Monday, March 05, 2007

Arcade Fire Reviews

Well, the supposed reviews that matter are up for Neon Bible. It looks like the backlash that I was sure to find hasn't really gained any momentum. Perhaps David Fricke was a bit harsh, after all? What was almost certainly the most anticipated review, Pitchfork gave it the coveted Best New Music score of 8.4. I was guessing something closer to a 7.9 so this is a pleasant surprise. Stylus gave the album an A although there is a somewhat embarrassing comparison to Grey's Anatomy. Both reviews should place the Metacritic score amongst the (albeit early) year's best. Personally, I think the album is phenomenal; the impact is truly felt once listened to it as a whole. I'm curious to see the impact on album sales. I don't think they'll quite match the strong sales opening for The Shins although it could be close. Hell, it could hit number one with less sales. What's the competition?

UPDATE: Credit where credit is due: my deluxe edition from Amp Camp was waiting for me in the mail when I got home yesterday. Nicely done. I'm also getting a kick out of these random notes they include in the package. This one said: ":( Neoooooon Bible!!!" Not really sure why that deserved a smiley face.

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