Friday, March 16, 2007

Lefsetz: The Pearl Jam Paradigm

Lefsetz is still tripping on Arcade Fire, makes an interesting reference to Pearl Jam:

"Call it the Pearl Jam paradigm. After Ten, the band decided to do no more videos, no hype. Sure, their record sales trailed off, but FIFTEEN YEARS LATER they can still sell out arenas. Do you want to still be able to work as a musician and not have a day job fifteen years on? Then I’d suggest you watch your publicity. The more ubiquitous you are, the shorter your career.

"As for Arcade Fire… There are much worse offenders.

"But as Pearl Jam proved, fuck the casual fan. It’s the HARD CORE you’re interested in.

"Of course, at first it’s hard to get anybody to pay attention, but once you’ve got traction, pull back on the reins!"
[Sales-Week Ending-3/11/07]

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