Thursday, March 22, 2007

Inside the Lines w. Mickey Avalon

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There's a million things I should hate about Mickey Avalon. The monotone delivery, the self-absorbed lyrics, the utter decay that drips off every track, the outright misogynistic lyrics, songs about drugs, songs about murder, and songs about murdering for drugs...and the list goes on. But.


I can't stop listening. I love it. I love the hooks. I love the fact that they sound like they were made on $30 keyboard and then dubbed over that Mickey bought from a pawn shop with money he earned from working the streets. I love that he takes no prisoners; everyone's a target from plastic surgeons to bulemics. He runs rampant on the L.A. scene touching everything from hustling to drug addiction to the Hollywood facade.

Simon Rex (of Young, Hard & Solo #3 fame) is in on the game, along with Cisco Adler (of Mischa Barton fame). His website has some hilarious videos of Rex and Avalon running through tracks and screwdrivers for an episode of Tom Green Live in what appears to be a trailer full of not-so-pretty Avalon hopefuls. From what I hear, the MTV Cribs with Rex had a little Mickey in there, too. He rocked Stubbs at SxSW and did Kimmel in February. What can I say, the kid gets around. He's probably going to be the first one to tell you that, too.

He is what he is and I like that. There's a painful honesty about everything, but it doesn't make you think too much because you're too busy dancing to the music. Mickey's been doing his thing for a while now and the blogosphere has been on to him, albeit with lukewarm enthusiasm. We'll have to wait and see where it all ends up. I predict a Diet Pete Doherty-like trajectory with too many drugs, not showing up for shows, busts, and the like.

Comparing him to Doherty may be giving him too much credit, but I can see the downward spiral right around the corner. Money equates to drugs. And drugs equate to, well, more drugs. Best of luck, Mickey. I'm along for the ride.

Tour Dates:

Mar 22 Sagamore Hotel - RSVP Here Miami, FL
Mar 24 Club Underground Reno, NV
Mar 25 Whiskey Dicks Lake Tahoe, CA
Mar 27 The Clubhouse Tempe, AZ
Mar 28 Club Congress Tucson, AZ
Mar 29 Park Ultra Lounge Sacramento, CA*
Mar 30 Mezzanine San Francisco, CA*
Mar 31 Pure Las Vegas, NV*
Apr 4 Velvet Jones Santa Barbara, CA
Apr 5 University Theatre Las Vegas, NV
Apr 9 Bluebird Denver, CO
Apr 12 Pure Austin, TX
Apr 13 Pure Austin, TX
Apr 14 Warehouse Live Studio Houston, TX
May 4 Lotus New York, NY
May 5 Bamboozlefest Rutherford, NJ

*w. DJ AM & Travis Barker

MP3: Mickey Avalon - "Mr. Right"

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medusasmom said...

Mickey Avalon has not showed up late for a show and there have been NO BUSTS! As to a downward spiral,Mickey is blowing up and garnering more and more fans who are crazy about his music,honesty and style. Check out his new video "F***in Em All" directed by Nick Goossen(Grandma's Boy) and produced by Dr. Luke.http:
Then stop by Mickey's website at and his myspace page