Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Album Sales Afterthought

I was just reading Coolfer's chart recap for this week and this particular line really caught me off guard:

Silversun Pickups' Carnavas (Dangerbird) has now sold 106,000 units in ten weeks of release. They've got big numbers in Los Angeles, San Diego, the Bay Area and Seattle. In comparison, the latest Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album has done 40,000 in eight weeks, and Bloc Party's latest has sold 95,000 in seven weeks.
This is amazing to me and really says a lot about how far SSPU has come in such little time. There are few indie bands out there that have worked as hard as these guys (and girl) to get into the minds and ears of the masses. I guess it remains to be seen whether this leads to any sort of long tail longevity and a dedicated fan base because I've definitely noticed the hipster crew is starting to jump ship. I, for one, am happy for them but I also expected a bit more from Bloc Party.


InMyTree said...

That's dope. Good for them.

InMyTree said...

Hammerstein. Muse. Merc Lounge. Silversun Pickups. Piano's. Silversun. Again. One glorious night. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

"I've definitely noticed the hipster crew is starting to jump ship"

To me that's lame If any band deserves fame it's SSPU who have been local favorites for over six years, five without even being signed.

They are a band that obviously cares about music over all else I believe and that's what will set them apart from all the other bands they're being played alongside on KROQ and other stations.

As far as the hipster crew if they don't stay with them who cares. They probably only went to their shows to get laid and hang out at the bar anyway. The people who were actually watching the band and know how great they are will stay with them.

Althoug hI did notice they atarted selling their T-shirts on their website for $25, That's a little steep for online purchase. Maybe at a live show but not online.

I wish they would take a page from Fugazi and keep the prices down.