Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An Instant Classic Comment Thread

I ran across this while reading through the comments on Brooklyn Vegan yesterday and it's just too damn funny not to post.

The Post:
Brooklyn Vegan's SXSW show

The Comment from "Justin" (link contained in post - comment appeared 3 times followed by an apology post for multiple comments):

I don't think the sterns are playing this day, but im not sure. Maybe someone else could answer better. it looks like they're playing a couple dates before this one there. I'm excited about the cd too, what I've heard is amazing. I can't wait to see them when they're in New York.
Response of the year?:
Dear Justin,

next time you attempt to spam people's comments:

a) Learn to read - or at least learn to pretend read - it will make your story seem more convincing.

b) Don't link to your REAL MySpace page which talks about how you're working as an intern at a publicity company that happens to be the one that promotes the band you are pretending to like.

c) Don't then immediately come back and comment anonymously pretending to be someone else. Talking to yourself makes you look even dumber than your four previous comments already made you look.
Subsequent comments are also humorous. Love it.

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