Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where There's A Will, There's A YouTube...

...and where there's a YouTube, there is a Metro D first hand account. Avoid the Pitchforkian humor when traversing to this site. It has the YouTube of The Mars Volta catching a urine bomb. During my conversation with Frattitude yesterday we were discussing this at length. Why the fuck would someone throw piss on someone that is performing? You don't like the show? Leave. You had to go really bad? No excuse. Prior planning prevents poor pissing performance. You're a complete fucking asshole? OK, you got me.

Listen. I have been to bad shows. I have been to some really bad shows. I had Wu-Tang Clan rock my world for 40 minutes and then exit the stage asking me if I wanted to drop another $50 on a fucking T-shirt. Piss-bomb worthy? Perhaps. I had Billy Corgan wander through a gag-challenging set at 9:30 Club all while acting like a fucking snot. Piss-bomb worthy? Maybe. And what did Top and I do in both cases? Leave. Walked away. We left Corgan 5 songs in. We left Corgan to people that wanted Corgan that bad. Shit like this pisses me off. It's senseless. And Omar's reaction is completely fucking warranted. Naturally, you heard it here, first. Props to Ryno for the accuracy of his quote. Fuck. We're good.

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