Wednesday, August 23, 2006

E-mail Wars.

Throughout the course of any given day, I will usually go back and forth with Top and JK about 10-15 times each over topics ranging from music to the Red Sox to fantasy baseball. Here is an e-mail I sent to JK this morning. I feel the need to push it out because sometimes we put so much into the e-mailing that we don't communicate appropriately on Metro D. My reference to The Mars Volta refers to an expansive quality of the music (not necessarily what it sounds like), something that can be observed and approached from infinite angles:

Bro. RETURN TO COOKIE MOUNTAIN. Holy fuck. Usually my outrageous enthusiasm dies down after a day or so, but in cases like this and PINK, I can't fucking help it. The track that Bowie does background vocals for is wild ("Province"). Lyricism is ridiculous. The line "I was a lover before this war," which starts the album, hits a nerve that I cannot even explain. Without knowing what TVOTR's frame of reference is for writing such a line, it hits me fucking hard. There is so much at work. So much to dive into. It is like a controlled Mars Volta album. They don't stray too far from the path, but there is a lot of experimentation and the cup of creativity overfloweth. When I listen to it, and think about seeing them at Coachella [a performance that had me in tears], I well up. These guys are fucking powerful. A complete package. An emotional experience. With DFA '79 out of the loop, these guys just stepped up to the plate and told me who my new favorite, young band is. Them.

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