Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SSPU on Popmatters

Good review of the new Silversun Pickups album on Popmatters. You can also find a video of their performance at the Capitol Hill Block Party at the bottom of the review. I'm enjoying Carnavas more and more with each listen and I'm now beginning to feel that it's on par, if not better than, Pikul. Only "Rusted Wheel" stands out as a track I'm likely to skip. The rest is indie rock heaven. Really, all 3 hyped releases on that day (White Whale and Midlake) have been better than expected.

InMyTree is making the trek up to NYC tomorrow for a potentially legendary double dip. If time works in our favor, we'll be catching Muse at Hammerstein Ballroom followed by the 10:30 Silversun Pickups set at Mercury Lounge. Man, I hope that works out...

Detailed Review of Muse's show in Minneapolis on Filter

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InMyTree said...

I am completely OK with them rattling of hits from Absolution and Black Holes with a touch of "New Born" and "Sunburn." That sounds fucking great, actually, especially with the hope that we will catch both SSPU and Muse in the same night.