Thursday, August 10, 2006

Snow Patrol and Grey's Anatomy

Snow Patrol has been on the cusp of a major breakout in the US since the success of Final Straw. They're right back at it with the release of Eyes Open and they're becoming a fixture on television dramas, most notably Grey's Anatomy. I've never been a big fan of that but they've actually taken it a step further and incorporated clips from the show into a video for "Chasing Cars." Ugh. I'm beginning to think that I'm not the target audience. If you're interested, you can view the video here (includes a video of "Hands Open").

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InMyTree said...

I don't know whose target audience I fall into anymore. So much shit on the tube. If it weren't for RESCUE ME, ENTOURAGE, THE SHIELD, and nip/tuck I would never turn it on.