Sunday, November 12, 2006

Throw Your Hatred Down

[Photo Credit: PJ Bootleg - Sydney, 11.07.06; Buy Pearl Jam Bootlegs]

"Throw Your Hatred Down"
Music & Lyrics by Mr. Neil Young

Here in the conscious world
We place our theories down
Why man must bring us to our knees
Before he sees the weakness of his sinful plan
The power in his hand
Will never touch a friend

Throw your hatred down
Throw your hatred down


Meanwhile in the underworld
The weaknesses are seen
By peasants and presidents
Who plan the counter-scheme
Children in the schoolyard
Finish choosing teams
Divided by their dreams
While a TV screams

Throw your weapons down
Throw your weapons down


The wheel of fortune
Keeps on rollin' down
The street that's paved with sinful plans
There but for circumstance
May go you or I
Dressed in gold lame
Find a place to stay

Throw your hatred down
Throw your hatred down
Throw your hatred down
Throw your weapons down


The best artists create songs that still mean something years after the fact. Neil Young could have written this song yesterday and it would mean something to all of us. It's hard to consider it a cover when Pearl Jam was the backing band for Neil Young's Mirrorball, but we'll call it a cover. Pearl Jam has played it three times total, and those three times came in the last month. Here's what it sounded like with Neil on vocals in the studio and with Eddie & crew in Australia 5 days ago.

MP3: Neil Young - "Throw Your Hatred Down"
MP3: Pearl Jam - "Throw Your Hatred Down" (Sydney, 11.07.06)

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