Friday, November 17, 2006

Envy: KinoSport

I just stumbled across KinoSport. I am fucking envious. Envious of the photography. Envious of the layout. Envious of the design. It is truly beautiful and original. The backdrop changes everytime you are there. Above is my favorite: the open road. Here's a passage from their latest post:

"America frightens me. Leave the politics and weapons and sprawl aside: it frightens me on purely geographical terms. So many blank spaces on the map, shocking Antarctic rectangles where who knows what's happening. Nonetheless, I borrowed a Chrysler because there is always the romance of the open road, the coming-of-age and meaning-of-life stories paired with highway numbers and motor lodges, mythologized in an endless library of songs, books, and movies. Do other countries hold such passion for their interstate system?

"Welcome to Indiana, the crossroads of America. A town called Gas City. Music roaring, driving hard. Wolf Parade. The Modern Lovers. Spiritualized. Basic Channel. Sometimes I listen to religious talk radio. If we look around today, just as the scripture says, the prophetic clouds are gathering... I try to imagine what it would feel like to believe in Jesus. Some people believe in Jesus, I believe in Helvetica. The word, the single letterform and all that it contains: this is the shape of the rational mind." [KinoSport 11.16.06]

MP3: The Music - "Take the Long Road and Walk It"


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