Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bloc Party - "The Prayer"

You can stream Bloc Party's latest "The Prayer" here. Sound quality isn't the best, but I wouldn't know, I refuse to listen to it outside of the context of the album. I am taking P4K's word for it:

"Okereke's pleas are backed by monk-ish backing chants reminiscent of his band's breakout single 'Banquet', as well as stomping and clapping that begins as if in a schoolyard but slowly mutates, without changing at all, into something more martial. Bell-like keyboards ping off of the chorus ('Tonight make me unstoppable!') and an abrasive guitar solo cuts through it all like a blinding light.

"The muddy sound quality on this stream leaves a lot to be desired, but trust me on this: it isn't just one of the best songs on the album. It's one of the best songs Bloc Party's ever written."

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JK said...

what, is this Amy Phillips' way of making up for that SSPU comment? F her. This song is great, I'm not sure it's their best yet, but this album is an outstanding follow-up to a near-perfect record.