Sunday, May 06, 2007

We Don't Want This Hoser, Anyway

Clemens signs minor league contract with sub-.500 team from New York.

The second video on this page (via a link) shows Curt Schilling saying that "we didn't need him". For once, Curt and I agree.

From's Extra Bases:

The Sox, according to early indications, only learned of Clemens's decision to go to the Bombers a couple of hours earlier, which was also the case in Houston, where Astros GM Tim Purpura received a call earlier this afternoon from Randy Hendricks, one of Clemens's agents, informing him that the Rocket was not returning to his hometown.

The Sox, according to club sources, had made a bid for Clemens, but had been told by his agents that Clemens would make a decision in a timely manner. That timetable and process was accelerated far beyond what the Sox expected when Clemens, during the seventh-inning stretch, announced he was back with the Bombers after a two-year hiatus.
In related news, Brady is going to get a free pass on this fashion faux pas, because, well, we are going to win another Super Bowl next year. Ridiculous arm candy negates Evil Empire attire, anyway.

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