Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Video: The Strokes - "You Only Live Once"

I just found the second best video of the year thus far. All the hipster trash is getting their tight black jeans in a bunch over at Stereogum because they have no love for Julian and Co. "Media hype!" "Production on First Impressions sucked!" "Julian sucks!" "I live for comment threads!" But once they wipe their Carlos D. bangs out of their face and watch the fucking video...and fucking relax...I think they'll see that the video - in all of its Kubrick glory - is quite awesome.

Me personally, I was sold on the Strokes when I saw Julian perform all of "Reptilia" in the crowd at DAR. Actually, I was sold long before that...but, that was the moment I realized that The Strokes were more than just a guaranteed CD purchase. They were a live guarantee, as well. Oh, and, uh, I've got nothing but love for Carlos D. and the boys at Interpol.


JK said...

that intro is beast

misha said...

couldn't agree with you more.