Friday, May 18, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins Single Debuts on KROQ

Deaf Indie Elephants has a radio rip of the first Smashing Pumpkins single, "Tarantula." The song debuted today on future-InMyTree-radio-preset KROQ. Is that the only decent rock radio station left in this country? Anyway, the song is definitely better than I thought it'd be but not at a level that gets me completely pumped for the album (read: "Icky Thump" or "3's and 7's"). Then again, what were we really expecting?

UPDATE: Ok, I've listened it about 5 times now and I'm changing my tune a bit - I'm really digging it. Perhaps there's life in this Corgan yet.


InMyTree said...

That song is fucking ill. Jesus.

InMyTree said...

Oh and, uh, here I fucking come, LA!