Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I caught the trailer for an Irish film Once this past weekend (before seeing Waitress) and noticed the familiar voice of The Frames without making any connection to the actor himself. Somewhat surprisingly I soon found out that the actor is, in fact, The Frames lead singer Glen Hansard. The film was also directed by former Frames bassist and now full-time director, John Carney. The film has received some excellent reviews thus far including the World Cinema Audience Award at Sundance. Should be worth a look.

The lead song is the excellent "Falling Slowly" which existed in its original form on their last album, The Cost. I never really got into this album, unfortunately, but their previous effort Burn the Maps was excellent and very underrated.

MP3: The Frames - "Falling Slowly" (from The Cost)
MP3: The Frames - "Dream Awake" (from Burn the Maps)


Anonymous said...

Any word on when this movie is coming to the DC area?

JK said...

not sure. i think it's limited release at the moment (at least, i know it's in one theater in NYC at the moment). it will hopefully show up in more theaters soon.

Anonymous said...

These rave reviews only make me want to see it more (see today's Washington Examiner).

Anonymous said...

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sandpaperhearts said...

Pick up the "Once" soundtrack featuring ith songs by Markéta Irglová and Frames frontman Glen Hansard for only $11.99 at Newbury Comics!