Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Arcade Fire & The National @ Radio City Music Hall, 5/9/07

No, David Bowie did not make an appearance during the first night of his Highline Festival. I think only about 2% of me is disappointed. It was a great show. The National stuck to the same 10 songs but this time in a different order. Matt Berninger hurt his leg or ankle during "Abel" and despite limping through the rest of the set it definitely didn't affect the quality.

The crowd was pretty dull for the most part but it's understandably tough for a band to slay RCMH throughout an entire set. The place just feels huge (and really is with over 5K capacity). TAF let it all out, as always, and "Power Out" and "Rebellion (Lies)" were more than enough to wake a sleeping giant.


"Keep the Car Running"
"No Cars Go"
"Black Mirror"
"Neighboorhood #2 (Laika)"
"In the Back Seat"
"My Body is a Cage"
"The Well and the Lighthouse"
"Ocean of Noise"
"Neighboorhood #1 (Tunnels)"
"(Antichrist Television Blues)"
"Neighboorhood #3 (Power Out)"
"Rebellion (Lies)"
"Wake Up"


Anonymous said...

Arcade Fire didn't play Black Wave/Bad Vibrations at Radio City.

JK said...

you're right. forgot to delete that from my copy and paste.