Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Interpol Our Love To Admire Cover Art, Deluxe CD?

Random? Yes.
Amazon has both the cover art and a mysterious listing for a Deluxe 2x CD (in fact, it's their only listing at the moment).


InMyTree said...

So much for the red, black and white motif. Maybe this will be a concept album in honor of the late great Steve Irwin. Maybe.

scavenger said...

comes with a hardback book. i'm crazy enough to get it.
but i agree: the animals are random. their newsletter described it as "an act of synchronized predation." wtf.

Stevy, a Fanatic Interpol Fan said...

They have changed the information on this. The deluxe edition is no longer a 2 disc set, but a 24 page hard cover booklet. It also has different cover art than the main version. It is their new logo for the deluxe edition. Also, the Japan release will have a bonus track (possibly a video).

And just for reference

Enjoy your day!

1 month to go!

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