Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lefsetz on Festivals

All things considered, Lefsetz has a very neutral stance. Not that one takes a "stance" in regards to festivals, but if you've read this guy before you know that he can be very opinionated. Turning his focus on festivals, he makes the point that the promoters are the new sheriffs in town. Taking the vacancy left by the "the label guys". Interesting read:

"So, if you flew all the way to Palm Springs are you a he-man of the universe or a laughable loser? If you went to have a good time, and did, more power to you. But your attendance at Coachella is no longer a badge of honor. Because there no longer are any badges of honor. The scene’s been democratized, it’s positively niche. If you expect those new acts that played at Coachella to break out, I’m laughing. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s just one person’s vision/scene, Paul Tollett’s. Nothing more, nothing less. Despite the hype in the major media, Coachella is not representative of the country at large, never mind the world, it’s not where you break acts, it’s just a scene."
[Lefsetz Letter]

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