Saturday, January 19, 2008

Enter Thomas Pridgen

The Mars Volta on Letterman.


Anonymous said...

Just amazing, just saw them on Friday and it was a great show. Not the best of them I have seen but the new songs rock. Check out you tube, search rams head mars volta and check out the cedric freak out. Some think Cedric was disgruntled but I think he was just sick, and can't a rocker throw things around stage without any speculation. GaryP_08

drummer510 said...

I thought Jon Theodore was going to be impossible to replace, but TMV continues to impress me with their ability to find and exploit talent. I had of Thomas Pridgen b/f playing on Gospel Chop videos, but never thought of them using a gospel drummer. I thought maybe they'd get a latin drummer, but Gospel? It's working out for sure. Great clip.

Anonymous said...

damn. TP in the cut. Mars Volta leveled that place.