Friday, January 25, 2008

8 Track: Something New

A new year brings new music, new bands, and new opportunities. Here are some of the bands that I've recently discovered and enjoyed.

The album is a mixed bag but this song is catchy as hell. Really, I can listen to this one over and over again.
MP4: These New Puritans - "Elvis"

I wasn't much of a fan of DFA1979 but I have yet to hear a Sebastien Grainger song that I don't love. I can't wait for his album.
MP3: Sebastien Grainger and Les Montagnes - "American Names"

Appears to be the next great hype in the U.K. Dev Hynes is ex-Test Icicles but this music couldn't be further removed from his former band. I'm on board.
MP4: Lightspeed Champion - "I Could Have Done This Myself"

Perhaps an up-and-coming band in the U.K. I don't know much about them but I like every song I've heard thus far.
MP4: Fanfarlo - "Fire Escape"

First single from their upcoming album, What Doesn't Kill Us.
MP4: What Made Milwaukee Famous - "Resistance St."

An unsigned band out of Edinburgh. Similar to Fanfarlo in that I've liked all of the songs they've released thus far.
MP4: Broken Records - "If You News Makes You Sad Don't Watch It"

One of my favorite female-fronted rock bands. Their new release, Neptune, far exceeds their debut.
MP3: The Duke Spirit - "The Step and The Walk"

They're from Mississippi and they share a label with Dinosaur Jr. Enough said.
MP3: Colour Revolt - "Naked and Red"

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