Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Franz This Summer

[Once Upon a Time in DC]

Another meeting with Franz in the Coachella Valley, perhaps? Supposedly we'll find out this Monday.

Here's the word on the new album from

"'The idea of making a dirty pop record -- this is what has been on our minds,' Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos tells of the band's ongoing studio sessions in Glasgow. A new, as-yet-untitled album is expected from the group this summer via Epic.

"'It's the opposite of punk/pop, which took something that was wonderful and removed all the dirt,' Kapranos says. The approach is best-heard on 'Ride Together,' a 'full-on upbeat, riding across the desert rock song. A lot of the other stuff is more rhythm- and dance-based,' he says.

After demoing material in Glasgow, the group intended to record the album in a proper studio in London. But after trial sessions there, 'we decided the ones we did in Glasgow sounded much better,' according to Kapranos. 'There was a real dirtiness, edge and attitude.' [More]

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