Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Mars Volta: Bedlam Webisodes

"The Volta is taken from a Federico Fellini book about his films, what he characterizes as a changing of scene, or a turnaround; a new scene to him is called Volta. Y'know, changing of time and the changeover. And Mars, we're just fascinated by science-fiction so and it's something that ultimately looked as in anything I write, its meaning is always up to the listener. As the way we write songs and words, if it looks great on paper then to us it's like painting, so if it looks good meaning the second then people usually have a better interpretation than we ever would." - Cedric Bixler-Zavala

"Wax Simulacra"




I cannot wait for this to drop. No leak that I can find so far. Frat is catching them in Providence tonight, at the site of my dismantling by the same band several years ago, Lupo's. I'll never forget walking a couple of blocks to some trendy spot where my fiance was waiting for me with friends and rolling in completely fucking drenched in sweat. As in: soaked. Pants. Shirt. Face. Shorn head sans sweatband. It was fucking glorious. Frat will grace us with a complete report tomorrow. Or whenever he recovers. These videos kick. "Wax Simulacra" and "Goliath" (the epic previously known as "Rapid Fire Tollbooth") are 1, 2 for the best songs of 2008. So far.


MP3: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - "Rapid Fire Tollbooth"

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nicole0580 said...

well fuck my ass and call me sally.
This album pwns faces off